How to increase your E-commerce sales during this festive season

It’s finally December and usually, this is the most common time period, people fill in stores and shops to complete their shopping. And businesses too make large use of this opportunity to increase their sales and to try to sell all their stocks by the end of the year.


But this time around it is different. Times have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now people can’t step into shops to buy their favourite brands as they are limited to their homes. The best option they have now is to shop online, which is a new experience for most of your customers.

This is a time period where online businesses get more revenue than any other time of the year. So it is right enough to say that if your shop isn’t available online you’ll most probably fail in this festive season.


And for those shops/stores which are available online, you are already one step ahead. So what do you need to do to increase your eCommerce sales more than your competitors?

Tips to increase your eCommerce sales this festive season

1. Offer a mobile-friendly customer experience

As you are already aware that people tend to shop online more than ever before, it is important to make sure that you make it convenient for your customers to shop online. If you mention the convenience of online shopping, mobile phones are the most convenient method of all, as this is an era which most of the global population possess mobile phones. By offering your customers a mobile-friendly experience you could surely boost up your sales.

2. Offer attractive discounts for your online customers

This is just one of the basic marketing tips. If your shop is available online and it has eye-catching discounts/offers which customer would back out? By offering various kinds of discounts for your customers, you can engage more with your customers and convert those visitors into revenue.

3. Be present everywhere your customers are

In order for you to let know the customers of your products and discounts, you need to be everywhere to convey your messages to them. All the other tips are nothing without you being available all over social media. So basically this is the most important thing you need to do to increase your eCommerce sales this festive season.

4. Organise social media contests

How can this improve your sales? By organising different types of contests on social media and by offering a gift/discounts for the winners you could have more customers engaging with you as the contest would be most probably shared by your customers as much as possible through social media. This is another simple way to attract customers.

5. Personalize your marketing campaign

In order to impress your customers, it is important to give each one of them a personalized experience. You can do this by identifying the needs of your customers and providing them with the best experience possible. Also, you could integrate live chats to make it possible for your customer to get in touch with you easily to find out the relevant information they need. This tip will make your customer happy and will compel them to shop with you.

6. Implement exchange and refund policies

One of the biggest challenges, in online shopping, is to make your customers believe that your business is trustworthy for them to buy from you. And by implementing policies like exchange and refund facilities you can easily make your customer trust in you.

7. Offer competitive pricing

When shopping online your customer will always be tempted to compare your products and prices with your competitors, so to tempt them to buy from you, you need to be standout than your competitors. And an easy way to do this is by offering quality products at competitive prices.

8. Provide free and quick shipping to your customers

After an order is placed by a customer, they are waiting and waiting for the product to be delivered to them as soon as possible. And by you being able to do it for free the customers would be massively satisfied and might tempt them to shop from you again and to recommend your business among their friends and family. By implementing this you could retain your previous customers while attracting new customers.

Final verdict

The festive season is approaching fast and you are still not too late. By following the tips mentioned above your business can surely be on track with your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Go and start working on these points now to improve your eCommerce sales. We wish you all the best in this festive season and hope it brings joy to you and your customers.


Qualid Stanly is a newbie to the professional world. Due to the enthusiasm about the business and technology he chose to take the path as a Business Development intern at NeoSolax just after his final exams at school in 2020.

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