Magento Open-source frontend features – 1. Product

One can say that this Product is the atom of Magento.  A product in Magento can represent any physical product or service to sell.



As a merchant, you need to show the right amounts of accurate information to customers which will help decide and buy. Both visible and invisible information provided here helps the search engine to determine whether to show your product page for its users’ query or not. Placing correct information in the valid HTML tag would be the Basic SEO implementation for your website.

Magento Product Page may have the below-listed information
  1. Product Image (Multiple Images, Videos)
  2. Product Short Description
  3. Stock status
  4. SKU
  5. Price (Special Price)
  6. Custom or Configurable options
  7. Related Products
  8. Upsells Products
  9. Product Detail
  10. Product Information 
  11. Rating and Reviews
  12. Quantity box 
  13. Add to Cart button
  14. Add to Wishlist button
  15. Compare button

Other than the above visible information, product page can have hidden information to help search engines. These are called Meta information.


  1. Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Meta Key Words


Other places to display products are categories, site search, promotional areas such as “Featured Products”, “Related Products”, “Upsells”, “Cross-Sells”. Most of the time, it will only be a short description of the product with the image and prices displayed in these areas. Other than the information, a product may have “Add to Cart” button, “Add to Wishlist” button, “Compare” button, “Learn More” link and configurable information.



Magento has different types of products to display for different characteristics and functionalities of the physical service or scenarios.


  1. Simple Product
  2. Simple product with custom options
  3. Configurable Product
  4. Virtual Product
  5. Downloadable Product
  6. Grouped Product
  7. Bundle Product

In our next articles, we will discuss the above product types in details.

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