“We as a company have understood that it is our sole responsibility to provide not only you but your clients too, a true and innovative e-evaluation that has never been experienced before. We are ready and geared to cater to your ‘needs’ while profoundly understanding the extent of it. Our well trained and energetic group of talented team members can assure you a high-quality solid system that builds with the latest technology which takes your business to greater heights.”

custom software development

Why we do it

Our goal is to accelerate the capabilities, make life convenient and efficient for our direct and indirect clients.

user-centred approach

How we do it

we develop user centric software rather than technology centric software by training our engineers not only in the technology but the consumer behaviors and customer psychology.

customized software development services

What we do

We develop softwares with best user experience with nice looking, user friendly, fast and reliable. Furthermore, not only the interface but the software we build is according to the w3c standards and google guideline so your web application will be preferred by search engines. Going deeper our code are matching to the industry standards therefore the software we build is maintainable and extendable easily for future requirement.

How it begins to lay the foundation of a software company…

Magento Agency

Though the first action to establish NeoSolax as a software development company happened on 28 March 2013, Idea of establishing a software company was in the mind of Muditha Ediriweera from 2011 or may be before that. Despite the several attempts to form a web development company for nine years, NeoSolax was mostly operated as a single software development freelancer until early 2019. However, even during this time it was able to provide its services to International companies in the UK, USA and Australia.

On 15th January 2019 around 6PM, the dream of nine years became true as NeoSolax officially moved to a rented room in a house with 2 part time developers to start with. Five months after, the company manages to move from the rented room to a proper office location and in another 3 months the founder too moves into work in the company as a full time employee and continues for about another 9 months. Finally in May 2019, NeoSolax became a privately owned company as NeoSolax (Pvt).

Though it was meant to be a Magento development company, the first project of the company was Android and IOS native app development including headless web application on Angular and backend API with NodeJs and MongoDB. We were unable to accommodate full time developers to the vast technology stack at that moment so the company decided to go with freelance developers to develop the project which was not the best decision when we look back.

After the experience with first app development it was decided only to develop software with inhouse software developers in future. Therefore the company started recruiting full time software engineers soon after registering as a private limited company. Within the first two months of starting recruitment companies increase its capacity from one employee to nine employees according to its aggressive growth plan. On the recruitment, the company decided to recruit for various functional people such as Project Managers, Software Engineers, Frontend Engineers, QA Engineers and Web designers which benefited later a lot in its growth. So with the first recruitment round, mature experience leadership and a young knowledge hungry energetic team laid a good foundation to the company which still continues.

Though NeoSolax does not have years and years of history, it had to go through number challenges including the COVID-19 which caused financial giants to fail. Fluctuation of projects and technical challenges made us strong mentally and technically to sail in the rough sea.

Present efforts on serving our clients with better software development…

NeoSolax | Web Development Agency

NeoSolax has a strong flow of projects and a team of well experienced developers who are technically capable. As a company, our main focus is to increase our customer base. To do that we are taking three main approaches.

We know that the best marketing campaign we can do is provide excellent service to our existing customers and make them spread the word of our quality service.

Therefore we are always willing to go the extra mile and support our client’s growth. Sometimes, it’s suggesting more business ideas in the client’s domain. Sometimes it’s identifying and proactively resolving the system bugs.

As a tech company we love to be challenged. Therefore our other growth plan is to discover the latest technology and technology trends and train our developers for them. In the IT industry you can not survive without updating yourself. Therefore, each of our engineers goes at least 0.5 to 1h daily training in different subject matters so they can apply them to the current and future projects. We direct our IT engineers not only to gain the technical skills but best practices as well. We always make sure that all our Software Engineers deliver the code according to the industry standards. We achieve this goal by doing continuous code reviews and peer testing.

We are trying to build partnerships with other agencies in the same domain such as digital marketing agencies and SEO agencies. With this we can provide more specialized services to our clients while building up the network of IT service companies work towards the same goal which is to improve the software experience of our direct and indirect clients.

Advancement towards future software industry…

In our interview process one of the major aspects we are looking for is how open our candidates are keen to learn new technology and challenged by the unknown domain. This is because we understand that in IT industry expertise before 6 months no longer value to develop the application to be released in the next year or so. Requirements of the businesses, best software development practices, web technologies are changing rapidly day by day. Therefore the research unit of our company always picks the potential related technologies to the software we build and flows it to our development resources. This way we are always ready for tomorrow’s challenges today.

Summary of our efforts towards providing the best IT service to our clients.

At NeoSolax, we are accountable for the growth of our clients as we know that is what accelerates our success. By providing a service that is not only limited to the technical scope but we help our clients to grow their business by acquiring a larger customer base. We would do this by making sure that the design we do, follows best in user experience, website will follow the best SEO strategies and make sure to maintain the quality and efficiency of rendering the service. As the NeoSolax team we invite you to join us to experience the true e-Evaluation of your company.