Best time ever to move your business online

As we all know these are hard times for small and medium scale businesses due to the Coronavirus effect. People around the world now can’t visit their preferred/ favourite shops.

However, the interesting fact in these times is that online businesses aren’t affected as much by the Coronavirus effect. And the reason behind this is that people now prefer shopping online as they are now limited to their homes. Most of the people around the world now spend time shopping through their mobile phones which is the most convenient way for anyone in these times.

So for all the small and medium scale businesses that have been suffering with the Coronavirus effect, this is for you;

Moving to an online eCommerce business

It is indeed the best time ever to move your business online quickly to get back on track and cover up what you have lost all this while thanks to the Coronavirus.

This not only helps you to get back on track but helps you to expand your business because of some typical benefits you would gain by moving your business online.

Benefits of moving to an online business

  1. Expanding of your business territory

    By moving online you could easily overcome geographical limitations by which you can establish your brand all over the market.

  2. You could reduce unnecessary expenses

    When you establish your business online you don’t have to pay on renting spaces for your shop anymore.

  3. Ability to improve sales better than ever before

    While moving your business online you could enable various kinds of deals and bargains to attract new customers.

  4. Ability to provide your customers with a more personalized experience

    When your business is online it is much easier to give your customers a more personalized shopping experience than ever before through the use of email and different social media platforms.

These are some of the common benefits among much more benefits of an online business. Now you know that it’s worth giving a try to move your business online. So now let’s discuss how to do it.

How to switch to an online business

  1. Choose your online platform

    This is the first step in moving online. You have to choose your website’s platform. Some of the most famous and convenient platforms these days are Magento, Woocommerce, and WordPress.

  2.  Find for an expert web developer

    After choosing your platform you need to find an expert in the industry to help you build your new eCommerce website.

    After all, you don’t need to waste time finding a developer, as we, NeoSolax Pvt. Ltd. are experts in web development ourselves. Just contact us now for free consultancy on building your new eCommerce business.

  3. Select what you are selling online

    This decision must be made after considering a few points such as your target customers, the most selling products of your business and the most convenient products to sell online.

  4. Let your customers know

    This step is the most important step for a new online business. You have to let your customers know that you are available online now. You could easily email your customers, promote and advertise on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

  5. Setup payment methods

    After following all the steps above you have to decide how you are going to receive payments from your customers in exchange for your products.

  6. Find the right partners

    The final step is finding the right partners to assist you in your business for shipping/delivery services, banking services and advertising services.

Final verdict

At the end of this article, it is clear that switching to an online business is definitely the right way to succeed in the present business world. Moving to an online business can boost up your sales and revenue in just a matter of time.
This is surely the best time ever to establish your eCommerce business to give your target customers a ‘wow’ experience to get your business back on track.


Qualid Stanly is a newbie to the professional world. Due to the enthusiasm about the business and technology he chose to take the path as a Business Development intern at NeoSolax just after his final exams at school in 2020.

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