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Muditha Ediriweera

Almost a decade ago, with the opportunities that were received by the founder in joining e-commerce startup as the only internal developer has given him the realization of his dreams, e-commerce and Magento. This journey then took different turns and shapes throughout the years since it began as an entrepreneurial sales boy to cashier, data entry operator, graphic designer, web designer, a few software engineering roles

Even with these different walks of life, it was his determination to reach his dreams. Finally , he had the opportunity to work in a tech startup as the Head of IT which was the turning point of his life as the missing pieces for his knowledge to startup an own company were discovered.

NeoSolax was only initially a draft in his head which sprouted into reality after 3 years and after five years of hard work the company was up and running.

Even though entrepreneurs today think of starting up ecommerce websites, they struggle in executing due to either unclear business strategy, lack of sufficient technological knowledge, or due to being clueless as to what to expect after the launch.

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With the experiences that he had accumulated throughout the 7 or more years he would be able to help entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams in the ecommerce industry. Knowledge that is gained with the experience of working with different companies and websites around the world including USA, AU, GB, Middle East us undoubtedly the force that enables the success of the clientele.

It is guaranteed that with the background support of prioritizing quality, that any product launched via this company would be of exceptional quality and standards, not only as an interface and functionality, but code as well.

Life at NeoSolax is always challenging and exciting and what drives us is the feedback we receive from our clients through the delivery of quality software which assist their companies in true e-evolution.