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Starting your own software firm needs an array of skills and expertise as well as endless sleepless nights. Though you have all, the most difficult part is finding the right resources to develop the software. What if we told you that we will take care of all the hassle while you only focus on developing your business? So good to be true isn’t it?

We understand that each business development partner has different requirements when outsourcing a 3rd party development company. One would prefer to expose that they are working with another company and others wouldn’t. Some partners want to have only a few developments, QA, PM hours while others want a dedicated team. Our internal business module is very flexible enabling us to serve any business needs partners require.

We would reflect on your brand if you need to reflect bit for the client’s communication and any other development tool, else we could use ours which is more economical for you.

Most importantly we would offer very competitive rates for you so you could do the same for your client’s hence enabling you with more chances of winning the bids.

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