SEO for Web Developers and Designers

SEO for Web Developers and Designers

10 SEO facts you must know as web developers and designers

If you do want to do better, your client should do better. For your customers to perform better it is your utmost responsibility to deliver a quality website that is not only loved by their customers but also the search engines like google. With my decade of experience with software engineers I have realized that most of them are good at developing websites that look nice and user friendly but not so friendly for the search engines.
Before going to the details of the techniques first discuss why you need to build SEO friendly websites. As you may already know websites get traffic with two approaches. 

  1. Paid Traffic.
    This is the short term strategy to get more traffic to the website by publishing ads on other popular websites such as google and facebook. This is a good strategy to get more traffic to your website despite the quality of the website. However for the startups and SMEs this may not be the most viable solution as advertising on these platforms can cost a considerable amount of the revenue. 
  1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is customers visiting a website by clicking through a search result in a search engine or typing the link in the browser bar or any other way that does not cost you directly like PPC advertising or publishing a banner in another website after paying for the space.

Organic traffic can be improved in two ways.

  1. Offsite SEO

Strategies like sharing your website in social media and writing for guest blogs and creating backlinks to your site are a few of the methods that you can build traffic to your website without paying any entity.

  1. Onsite SEO

This is what we are going to discuss. By rendering proper HTML tags and following the recommended guidelines we can make a website more attractive to the search engine. Once the search engines love our site, your content will be given the priority over the content in the site which does not follow industry standards.

With that brief introduction of the SEO, Organic traffic and SEO we are going to discuss the key points you should know as a website designer or a website designer.

1. Using valid HTML markups

2. Reduce the request by Merging JS and CSS

3. Minifying JS and CSS

4. Defer parsing of JavaScript

5. Load the dynamic content asynchronously

6. Compress the images and specify the dimension of images.

7. Use separate images for the mobile and tab if possible.

8. Using a CDN/ Cloudflare like tool

9. Leveraging browser caching and enable Keep Alive time

10. Fix any 404 links and Avoid redirects

11. Use a better server infrastructure

12. Caching the content in the server

Conclusion; Speed and Valid Markups are the key


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