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Custom Development

Magento Development services

Providing Magento Development Services since 2009

Magento Web

Magento 2 Development

We are one of the leading Magento Development companies in Sri Lanka with proven expertise in E-commerce Website development. We cover the full scope of Magento services including tailoring solutions and driving innovation ultimately delivering results. Excellence in E-commerce websites is achieved through building high performing user experiences, rich out-of-the-box features and scalability. 


We have highly skilled Magento developers that can bring your vision and ideas to life. We take great care in understanding your requirements and will work diligently towards achieving your business goals and on time. With Magento 2’s multi-store capability, you can now build multiple online stores with one Magento instance and admin panel.



PWA Development

Magento PWA

Mobile E-commerce sales have jumped to a whopping 72.9% market share currently compared to 52.4% back in 2016 which means 3 out of every 4 dollars spent online is done through a mobile device. PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) have risen in popularity due to its ability to combine the functional features of mobile apps with the experience and discoverability of the web.


We ensure that your website is converted into an empowered and robust web app that can be used on any device with equal convenience.Our team will guide, develop and implement technical and architectural decisions that are people inspired and focus on your customer needs, both now and in the future. 


Magento Consultation

Although Magento 1 is still operational, the platform is no longer supported and security updates will not be issued. Plus, the features available on Magento 2 far outweigh Magento 1. Magento 2 is faster, has more functions, works better and is easier to clean.

Keep in mind that switching from M1 to M2 is not an upgrade, but a migration. It involves migrating data, themes, extensions, custom codes and etc. This level of work to ensure a smooth transition requires expert Magento developers so that all product, customer and order data is successfully transferred to the most recent Magento versions.



website speed

Website Speed optimisation

The industry standard for site loading time is less than 3 seconds. If your site takes any longer, you are losing precious leads and conversions. Hence, it is critical that your site provides a fast user experience. Our experts at NeoSolax can help you do exactly that. And it does takes experts to optimize without affecting the functionality and performance of your existing site. 


Some of the tactics we use to optimize your site are: Browser caching, Javascript parsing, Image optimization, updating Magento themes and extensions, CSS Minification, improving server response times, Database and backend clean up and Utilizing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Magento Extension
development & API Integration

Magento Extensions & API

Our Magento Third Party API integration allows seamless integration of third party payment gateways, logistics, APIs and CRMs, SMS, Shipping methods, Accounting Packages, Social Media and etc. Having an integrated E-commerce platform will provide you with numerous advantages from analysis and reporting to customer behavior (funnel and user flow) to shipping and payments.

Our integration solutions enable real time update and synchronization among Magento stores and third party applications. If there’s no ready-made Magento integration solution available, we can develop custom Magento extensions from scratch to cover whatever integration functionality you may require. Our ability to integrate Magento with a wide variety of other systems, applications and/or third-party services is what helps to truly set NeoSolax apart from the competition.



Support and

support & maintenance

Our Magento E-commerce development services do not stop once we have developed your Magento E-commerce online store. We provide support by taking care of all the bugs and minor issues that you face during the initial phase of operation.



Our support also includes permanent automated monitoring of your servers and data flows. This ensures the highest level of speed, stability, consistency, availability, and security. We take care of your site, while you have time to take care of growth.


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Our Approach to Deliver

Approach and Methodology

Full array of Magento services to evolve your E-commerce business.


We will hold meetings and workshops to determine your project and business goals. Fix a timeline and get to work on assembling a team of resources to get your project up and running.


To create a standout User Experience and Interface, we get our talented designers and UX engineers to create an initial mock-up of your website while seamlessly integrating your brand ideology.


Our team gets to work. We bring your project to life while our project managers ensure that the tasks are completed on time using industry acclaimed tools like Jira for support.


We continuously check your website to determine whether it does what its supposed to do. Any bug fixes will be completed at this stage before we deploy to live environment.


Once we deliver a project, our work doesn't end there. We ensure your website is consistently delivering the best in user experience and performing at the highest level.

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