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role as an Ecommerce Agency

In today’s digital era, businesses need a solid online presence to thrive in the fiercely
competitive world of eCommerce. Magento, a leading eCommerce platform, has gained
immense popularity due to its strong features and flexibility. To fully grasp the potential of
Magento, businesses often turn to Magento agencies.

Understanding Magento and Its Advantages

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform renowned for its ample features and flexibility, making it a top choice for various businesses. Its customizable nature allows for the creation of adaptable online stores that serve specific business needs. With versatility at its core, Magento enables businesses to expand their online presence limitlessly. Furthermore, it ensures a seamless shopping experience through advanced search options, personalized recommendations, and mobile responsiveness.

The Role of Ecommerce agency

As a Magento Web Design Agency, NeoSolax is a specialised company that provides expertise in developing, optimising, and
managing Magento-based online stores. Comprising teams of skilled professionals—developers, designers, project managers,
and marketers—NeoSolax possesses in-depth knowledge of the platform. Our primary objective is to understand each
business’s requirements, objectives and convert them into a successful eCommerce strategy

Services Offered by NeoSolax as an Ecommerce agency

We offer a wide range of services to support businesses in their eCommerce journey. This includes custom development; where we create custom themes, extensions, and integrations tailored to the business’s branding and functionality needs. We also specialise in store optimization, analysing store performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to increase speed, user experience, and conversion rates. NeoSolax ensures store security through regular application of security patches, vulnerability monitoring, and ongoing support and maintenance. Additionally, we assist businesses in SEO and digital marketing efforts, optimising online stores for search engines, driving organic traffic, and running effective advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Partnering with NeoSolax

By joining forces with NeoSolax as your Ecommerce agency, your business gains several advantages. First and foremost, we bring expertise and experience, having worked extensively with the Magento platform. We offer valuable insights and implement best practices to drive success. Moreover, partnering with NeoSolax saves businesses time and resources, as we efficiently handle complex development tasks, allowing business owners to focus on their core competencies. We as an Ecommerce agency ensures scalability and flexibility, enabling online stores to adapt to changing business needs. We provide continuous support and upgrade to keep stores up-to-date and future-proof. Lastly, we stay ahead of trends and technological advancements, offering innovative solutions and cutting-edge features that enhance your customers’ overall shopping experience.

Our Expertise
From Development
to Support

We bring extensive technical expertise to provide you with the best E-commerce solutions using Magento to deliver exactly what your business requires.

Highly customized and feature rich magento website for your B2B or B2C E-commerce store.

Drive more sales with your enhanced mobile store delivering first-in-class user experience.

Transfer your data safely and seamlessly from any platform to the new Magento 2.

Get lightning fast loading times and better conversions with streamlined code and AWS hosting.

Best in custom development to add valuable features and functionality suited to your web application.

We make sure your online store is running 24/7 allowing you to focus on your business.

Resource Deployment
How we provide support

You can hire our team for a specific project or use our experts to augment yours on an ongoing basis. In both cases, our developers operate as part of your in-house team, so they adapt to your routines.

Resource Based

Our experts are deployed into your project. Whether its developers or consultants we deploy resources based on your project resource requirement.

Project Based

Our team takes care of your Project while you focus on growing your business. We excel at Business Analysis, Technical Architecture, Design, Development and Quality Assurance.


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Case Study

Our Successful Launch with Magento PWA.

Nomin.mn is a top E-commerce website in Mongolia. Nomin Holding has been providing innovative and cost-effective products and services to the country since its establishment in 1992. Nomin Eshop was launched in 2008 as Mongolia’s first online shopping site.

Case Study

Magento Support and Maintenance for J20 Growth.

NeoSolax was approached to provide maintenance and support to the official j20 sports website. NeoSolax through the initial audit identified that there is currently no proper deployment mechanism. The customer also recognized the need for migration as an opportunity to introduce some website optimization.

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